Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Five Frugal Things in October, OK, More Than Five

1.  Free 8x10 photo. And 2 free 5x 7 photos from Walgreen's.

2.  Free winter coat from a friend.  My favorite color, too.

3.  Free grapes and tomatoes from friends that led to juice, pie filling, jelly and mincemeat.

4.  Salvage shopping.  Restock of the cupboard.

5.  Free food from Giant Eagle.

6.  $5 coupon at thrift store when I spent $30.

7. Homemade Sesame Oil for Asian recipes.

8.  Bought gift cards at Giant Eagle to earn cheaper gas.


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog today. Your blog looks interesting and I've signed up to follow by email. First I was led to a Google + page that has the first part of lots of posts but I got confused. Couldn't figure out how to read the whole post. I'm not familiar Google+ I guess. Anyway, I sure look forward to reading your life on a canal boat in England! What an adventure.

  2. 2013-2016 are the canal boat posts. 2017 was a bad year health wise. But, we hope to go back to England in the spring. Right now we are traveling in an RV.