Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February 15 - 28: Buying and Eating

Allotment remaining:  $262.86

At the beginning of this two week period I was bitten by a cold/flu bug so meals were simple and based on freezer leftovers.

What we ate:  Roast beef sandwich and popcorn; leftover roast beef, shrimp cocktail, spinach balls and bread pudding;  pasta and tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwich; leftover sloppy Joe from freezer, corn on the cob, pasta with garlic and oil;  homemade corned beef hash and toast with fruity yogurt; Italian stromboli, garbanzo bean salad with olives, pimento and sun dried tomatoes, steamed green beans; chicken Swiss Casserole from the freezer, peas, applesauce;
lasagna from the freezer, green beans, garlic bread; Asian glazed shrimp, orange rice salad, sesame peas; lentil bacon soup with cheese and crackers; clam chowder with egg and tuna sandwiches; Stromboli with potato medallions and yogurt with applesauce;  leftover soup and sandwiches; spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread and fruit with yogurt

What we bought:

Aldi:  cream cheese, feta cheese, parmesan cheese, Ahi tuna.  $10.96

Erie County Farms:  smoked turkey breast, bologna (2), ham, pepperoni (2), corned beef (2), Swiss cheese, provolone cheese.  $27.03

Save a Lot:  onions (2), Italian sausage (3 lbs)  $7.60

Giant Eagle:  cod fillets, salmon fillet, battered white fish, tilapia, shrimp, canned tuna (6)  $54.41

As you can see, we did our yearly seafood stock up.

Salvage:  low carb tortillas (4), coffee (8), cereal (6), granola bars (10 boxes), organic Mac and cheese (4), flour (10lbs.), crackers (2), craisins (2), croutons, cheeze it's (4), sunflower seeds (36 oz,), sesame seeds (21.5 oz), lime juice, canola oil spray, Ghirardelli chocolate chips (2), Alfredo sauce (2), Thai red curry, tomato paste (6), soft taco boats, pine nuts, poppy seeds, yellow curry lasts, sun dried tomatoes, dill pickles, grey poupon mustard, cream soup (4),broth (2), evaporated milk (2), diced tomatoes (2), tomato sauce (2), Rotel tomatoes (2), green beans, cream style corn, water chestnuts (2), Chinese mixed vegetables, vegall, great northern beans, Italian green beans.   $68.55

CVS:  cereal (3)  $4.97

Aldi:  Worcestershire sauce (2), olives, grapes, pretzels. $8.45

Aldi:  cheese (8), onion powder.  $20.01

CVS:  instant coffee (3)  $8.97

Eating Out:

Ruby Tuesday:    $5.35

This half of the month we spent $210.95 on groceries, including stocking up on fish and doing a big salvage shop.

We also spent $5.35 on a lunch out.  The last of the big time spenders.  :)

That means we get to add $46.56 to our cushion.  It now stands at a total of $498.91, with $172.31 being from this year.

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