Thursday, February 1, 2018

Buying and Eating: January 16-31

I'm reminded of how expensive protein sources are.  The nuts and the protein powder put more stress on my budget than I wanted.

This was to be a month we relied on the freezer and pantry.  We did, but we also bought more than I expected.

And, of course, this would be a month we ate out more.

But, such is life.  One must roll with it.  :)

We began the second half of the month with $ 291.74  left of the monthly allocation and a cushion of $ 326.60 .

My goal was to add a fairly good amount to the cushion.  I added some, but not as much as I had hoped.

What We Ate:  beef stew with red wine;  taco salad with avocado and homemade salsa; pork stir fry with bacon wrapped water chestnuts;  mooshu pork (makeover);  creamed chicken and vegetables over mashed cauliflower;  beef fajitas with Mexican slaw; pork with lemon and caper sauce, balsamic roasted Brussels sprouts, tzatziki cucumber salad ; slow cooker BBQ country style ribs, three bean salad, spinach pancakes; tortilla chicken and pesto and traditional pepperoni tortilla pizza;  cheesy salmon patties, bleu cheese wedge salad, leftover spinach pancakes; sloppy Joe; grilled cheese sandwiches

What We Spent:

Trader Joe's:  soy protein, soy and flax tortilla chips, peanut butter (2), low carb chocolate (2), cheese (2) , low carb flax bread. $37.64

Save a Lot:  Apple cider (to make vinegar), Pam. $7.54

Wal-Mart:  instant coffee, low carb tortillas. $ 5.80

Aldi:  lettuce, nuts ( 6), yogurt, mushrooms. $31.16. Nuts, for low carb, are expensive!

Tops:  goldfish crackers (3)  $3.00

CVS:  Adkins bars (2)  $12.68. Good for an overactive sweet tooth.  If not used now will be good in March.

Price Rite:  butter (2), frozen pizza (2), low carb tortillas, eggs (4)  $13.31

Total of groceries:  $110.53

Eating Out:

Lunch Before a Movie:  $9.58
Breakfast with Dad.  $23.80
Lunch with Joyce. $11.42
Dinner using an $11 coupon from Ruby Tuesday and free sandwich coupon from Arby's   $2.11
Lunch at RV show:  $8.55

Total of eating out:  $55.46

Combined total:  $165.99 for this two weeks.

That left me with $ 125.75 of the allocation for the month to add to the cushion which now stands at $  452.35.

And, February will be a low meat, eat from the pantry month.  I will, however, be taking advantage of the Lenten specials.

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