Thursday, August 11, 2016

Paying Homage to an Accomplishment of My Mother's

Back in the '60s my mom crocheted throw rugs in the shape of a hexagon. As far as I know those were the only things she ever crocheted.  I had one by the side of my bed for years.  Lovely to step on those cold winter mornings

Recently, I have been paying homage to my mother by crocheting some small area rugs for a friend and her daughter.

The daughter's rug was a brightly coloured circle. It was made to go with the pillow and afghan I had previously made her.

I just finished my second area rug for her mother. Both are rectangles, although of different sizes.  Both are made of darker neutral colors.

All three rugs are washable and should wear for years.  (Although the daughter may outgrow those colors long before the rug wears out :-)

Thanks mom for the idea and the example.

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