Monday, August 1, 2016

July's Simple Savings

Total: $1107.81 this month, for an average of $1224.61 per month over the last seven months

This month the savings came from:
 taking advantage of military discounts,
salvage food savings,
rebates on alcohol purchased,
Goodwill colored tag reductions,
Senior discount on hair cuts,
Starbucks free coffee,
Negotiated hotel rate,
Free Ebooks,
Found change on the ground,
Free breakfasts at the hotel,
B1/G1 dinner,
Free Milkshake coupon,
Price comparison on new lenses for my classes,
Gas Buddy gasoline purchases,
Self catering at the motel,
Negotiating with the airline 're our return fares

We saved a lot of money without changing our lifestyle. Win-win!

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