Friday, August 26, 2016

Eating From The Pantry

Aldi is three miles away.

 It is the closest grocery store.

 No way can I walk there and back right now.

So, we are eating out of the pantry.

No eggs.

 No cheese.

No butter.

No fresh fruit or vegetables.

Almost no peanut butter.

Such first world problems.

We have beans, rice, pasta, tomatoes, flour and yeast for bread, dry milk, oil, etc.

Plenty to go on with.

Two nights ago I made corned beef hash, fried green beans and pineapple.
Last night was homemade chili and crackers.
Tonight is bean and rice burgers with fresh homemade bread.

In the pipeline:
Pasta with sauce
Black bean soup
Tuna fish sandwich with tomato soup
Chili spaghetti
Bean and rice burrito
Baked beans with hot dogs

See, it's a good thing that I have a stockpile.

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