Thursday, September 10, 2015

Zero Waste Part Two

Now that we have bragged about what we do, let's get real about what we could do and what we won't do, even though we should.

What We Could and Probably Will Do In the Future:

Compost again:  we tried it on the boat but it was a no go even though I love the idea so we will do this again when we can
Make our own yogurt to save on packaging:  fridge space is a premium but I intend to find a way even though I can't make it a quart at a time anymore
Move from plastic storage containers to reusing glass containers we saved to reuse from things we have purchased
Eat more vegetarian meals so that so much grain does not need to be used to feed meat animals for human consumption
Learn to make more cheeses and not just ricotta to minimize packaging
Eat more fresh and seasonally available fruits and vegetables so that we can minimize our use of canned and frozen items and the packaging waste that come with them

What We Probably Won't Do, Even Though We Should

Stop flying in airplanes that consume so much fuel
Stop using Ziploc bags
Stop using shampoo with its packaging and go nopoo for our hair
Using family cloth that is washable rather than toilet paper
Get rid of plastic entirely, I just don't see how
Buying products that are only packaged in paper or glass because I am too cheap, really

There are probably more of everything but you get the idea.  Life is a learning experience so as we learn things will continue to be in flux and hopefully for the better for us and Mother Earth.

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