Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Leave of Absence

Tomorrow Mike and I will be leaving the boat at Anderton Marina for the next three to four months while we travel back to the states.  They will be repainting it during that time and we are looking forward to seeing her all bright and shiny when we get back.  I'll take pictures and post them when I can.

When we are back stateside I will be having a dual knee replacement on September 15th followed by a few months of therapy to get my pins under me again.  I am looking forward to the result if not to the actual process.  I must admit my knees have been a bit wobbly for a few years now.

When we come back I am eagerly anticipating some long walks along the tow path, something I have not been able to do for awhile now.  I have missed them.  It is wonderful the beautiful things of nature that can be found among the hedgerows.

I will be posting occasionally  while recuperating if anything even remotely interesting occurs.  But expect the blog to be back in full force in late December or early January.  Thanks for your understanding and patience.

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