Friday, September 25, 2015

Ten Days and Two Knees Later

I'm at the cottage we will be calling home for the next few months.

They removed my knees using tools that are close cousins to those available at Sears:  reciprocating saws, drills, hammers and epoxy. Modern medicine.

If you had assured me that I would be walking, getting into and out of bed and on and off bathroom facilities in ten days I would have assumed you were just trying to be nice. In fact, that is exactly what I did think. But they were right. For a woman who literally does not have a good leg to stand on, I get along fairly well.

Now, me and my bumps and bruises have to relearn how to walk in a manner that does not resemble Frankenstein. I also have to learn to walk and sit and get up without the support of modern pharmaceuticals. That looks to be a challenge.

I will keep you posted as to who is winning.

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