Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Some of the Little Things

The older I become (and I have decided it is OK to get older but I do not want to get old) the more I realize it is the little things that are important  to a good and rewarding life.  Little things such as:
  • the wonderful smell of wood smoke that has the ability to make you feel warmer just by smelling it
  • the little green spikes breaking the soil that let you know the spring flowers are on their way
  • the first little yellow forsythia flowers that tell you spring is surely just around the corner
  • the mornings that are getting lighter earlier and darker later, at last
  •  a day of sunshine after so many of rain and gloom
  • the friendly people who stop to talk and ask about our trip to Scotland and make suggestions for future trips
  • the dogs and kitty cats who may not know you but take the time to introduce themselves and become friends, if only for a little while
For these and other small gifts from God we must remember to always give thanks.  Without them life would be stark indeed.

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