Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Special Valentine's Gift

Almost five years ago, for my birthday, I received a priceless gift from my DD2 and SIL, a picture of my soon to be born grandchild.

I immediately went into grandma mode and every little thing I found that I thought might be useful or cute or cuddly went onto my charge card.  Why?  Because you are filled with love of the child to be and of your child who is going to be a parent and you want to help.  And also, to be honest, because I  could not afford to do so when we were starting out and having our own children.  (A lot of those things ended up at thrift stores but hopefully other young mothers and their children benefited and that is a good thing. :-)

That Valentine's Day I received my second present when DD2 gave birth to our beloved grandson.  What an appropriate gift for that holiday of love. 

Since the birth of that wonderful baby I have had so much fun and felt so much joy just watching him grow and learn and become his own little person.  His voice inflections, his smile, his energy, his excitement are all so wonderful to see.

And, even better, I do not have to worry about making sure he learns this, or doesn't learn that; I don't have to worry and second guess if I am making the right decisions; I don't have to say No when I would rather say Yes; I don't have to be "The World's Meanest Mother" in the struggle to raise a child to become a successful, contributing and content member of society. The decisions of parenting, with all of the accompanying doubts, second guessing and worries, are no longer mine.  My job is to love, to enjoy, to share time and attention and to watch this little man turn into just that, a man.

And if how he is now is any indication, he will be a wonderful man.  One his parents can be proud of and his grandmother can brag about. :-)

So, Happy Birthday JHC !  You really have been a gift from God for this grandma.

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