Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sawdust, Ice and Egg cartons

While we were away in Scotland some locals did some cutting and scavenging of fire wood on the same tree we had been working on.  They took the humongous pieces that never would have fit into our stove and they left behind the smaller branches that were just too small to be practical for them.  So yesterday Mike and I worked on cutting up those branches into appropriately sized "logs" for our little stove.

As usual, Mike used the chain saw.  As anyone who has known me for any length of time will tell you, my vision is "quirky".  It results in my trying to walk through doorways that are not where I think they are, light candles that are not  exactly where I am trying to light them, and other similar occurrences.  (And yes, I did drive for years but I am no longer driving so you can rest easy. :-) 

Since I like having all my fingers and toes and my oh so useful opposable thumbs it just seems prudent to stay away from a fast cutting chain saw.  The hand saw and I get along better.  And no, I have not yet cut myself but then there is always tomorrow. :-)  Thanks for asking.

The ice on the canal has had a few days to thicken since even during the recent days it was too cold for it to melt.  If you look out our kitchen area window you can see a dog's tennis ball and several pieces of wood laying on top of the ice.  Our guess is that the local lads like to "borrow" a log or two and give them a toss just to see if they will break through the ice.

It is not advisable to use your boat as an icebreaker unless there is no other choice.  It does a number on the paint and blacking.  But, we are on one side of the canal and the water point is on the other side.  Usually we would just move across the canal and fill our water tank but Mike did not want to do that if it could be avoided.

So, thinking back to his navy days and the process of replenishment at sea, he rigged a system of ropes that allowed him to get the hose from the water point to our boat.  Thank heavens we have a long hose!  And now we also have a full water tank available for laundry, showers and such.  My hero!

While he was busy rigging his ropes and hoses I was busy with sawdust, cardboard egg cartons and melted wax from thrift store candles.  By filling the egg compartments with sawdust, pouring melted wax on top of same, and letting it all harden we have created fire starters.  They are wonderful for in the morning when you want a fire and you want it NOW!  No muss, no fuss.

Don't we live such fascinating lives?

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