Thursday, February 19, 2015

Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

As some of you know, before starting our narrow boat adventure we got rid of A LOT of household stuff.  Dishes, furniture, decorative items, clothing, bedding, books, general stuff that just seems to accumulate over the years.  We started out with enough to full a four bedroom house with basement, attic and garage!  (Embarrassing to even admit.)

We would have cleared out even more but at the last moment we decided to not sell the house but instead to have someone live in it with our cats while we were gone.  She asked that some of the items remain so we stopped being the Salvation Army's best contributors.  Seriously, we had both been there so frequently that the workers recognized us and our cars. :-)

And now, we have been living quite comfortably in our 242 square feet for over a year.  So much of the things we thought were necessities we do not even miss.  (Although I have admitted to missing some kitchen items, etc. but basically either because they make things cheaper or faster or both.)

So now when I think of eventually moving back into our Erie house it is with a sense of trepidation.  Don't get me wrong, I love the house.  It has wood floors, great wood trim, great architectural details, fireplaces, etc.  All things that appeal to my aesthetics and feed my soul.  And, it even has a remodeled bathroom that I LOVE and only got to use for about six months!

However, what if I move back in and just start to fill all that space up again until the floors are groaning and the walls are bulging?  How to I maintain my new found love of minimalism in the face of all that space?

Having fewer items is freeing to my soul.  Fewer things makes cleaning easier and I am no love of the process of cleaning although I do like a clean and orderly house.  Fewer things leaves more time and money for enjoying life.  Fewer things is easier on our planet and lessens my carbon footprint.  I have the mantra down.

But I still worry.  Will I find myself recreating the house as it once was because in my head that is what it is supposed to be?  Can I teach this old lady new tricks? 

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