Monday, August 4, 2014

The Leg Bone's Connected to the Ankle Bone

The interconnection of different things is not something we, or at least I, think about daily.  But, the canals have shown me yet another example of this phenomenon, a very positive one, too 

The restored canals provide scenic waterways for people to boat on, the paths providing miles of trails for cyclers and dog walkers, but they also provide renewed habitat for wildlife.  

One of the wonderful results of reclaiming sections of “lost” canals is that the wildlife returns with the water.   Wildlife that may not have been seen in that region for years or even decades.


All along the canal you will find fish of different varieties.  And where there are fish you will find anglers of all ages and skill levels relaxing and waiting for that tug on their line that shows a fish has taken the bait.

The canals also can play host to mussels, snails, toads, frogs, newts and water voles.  (If I ever need eye of newt for a "recipe" I now know where to go. ) :-)


This smorgasbord of food, in turn, draws herons, kingfishers, grebes, coots, moorhens, mute swans, ducks and geese.

Birds of prey such as the kestrel, buzzard and sparrow hawk also are back in residence to act as nature’s cleanup crew. 

And, let us not forget the bats, dragonflies, and butterflies of all description that are all along the canals.

Once again, Mother Nature provides the needed balance and shows that the arm bone is connected to the wrist bone  in her world, too.

May the restoration of canals and animal habitat continue.

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