Friday, August 29, 2014

Tale of the Crypt and More

 Before leaving Ripon we took a walk through the cathedral there.  The oldest part dates from the 7th century and includes a crypt that symbolizes Christ's burial crypt.  Once, it contained religious relics and people went there to pray.  Today, it is empty signifying Christ's rising from the dead.  It is very small and the stairway down is VERY narrow.  For a claustrophobic person such as myself it took a lot of mental encouraging of myself to make it down there and back up without creating a scene. (Mike does so hate that. :-) )  But, I am very glad I put on my big girl knickers and did it.  Well worth it.

Also in the cathedral, on the end of one of the choir stalls, is a carving of a rabbit being caught and another
rabbit disappearing down the rabbit hole.  It is believed this was part of the inspiration for Alice in Wonderland since Lewis Carroll was once part of the choir at the cathedral when his father worked there.

If you sit in the choir stalls and look up to the organ overhead you will see a hand emerging from the wall in front of the organ.  This was used to conduct the choir.  The hand still works but today they opt for a director that appears in person and not just a hand.

We are now re-tracing our way back to York and then will move on to Selby.  Such is the fact of life when a canal dead ends.

We have come across some new ducks we did not see on our way up the canal.  They are white and black and I have nicknamed them dalmatian ducks since that is what they remind me of.  I have been busy conversing with them while they are busy eating what I throw out for them.  Sometimes they even quack back.

Today we are waiting for the diesel to be delivered to the pumps across the canal so that we can top up our tank before leaving the canal for the river.  It is always prudent to make sure you do not run out of gas on a river.  It may make life less interesting but it does make it safer.  Let us hope the diesel arrives before the rain.

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