Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ghost: the Musical

Yesterday afternoon Mike and I took in a community theater production of the above here in York.
It. Was. Wonderful!
The theater was intimate so that you could really see the emotion on the actor's faces.
The sets were minimalist but effective and evocative.
The lighting was superb.
The actors were very talented both in their craft of acting and in singing what, to me, appeared to be a challenging score.
The result:  a fantastic experience that I would have gladly spent much more for than our OAP rate of about £11 each.

Most of the cast and volunteer crew appeared to be students from the local schools and universities.  I bet some will be well known professionals some day, if I could only remember their names so that I could recognize them. :-)

The male lead, played by Patrick Swaytzee in the movie (be still my heart), was the only actor without professional training but you would NEVER have known it.  His acting, timing, facial expressions, voice, etc. was right up to standard and then some.  The last time he sings Unchained Meldody he sounds as if he is barely holding back tears. Very moving.   

The audience had a lot of teens and tweens but they were not at all disruptive.  Mike and I were quite impressed.  Having gone to community theater in college towns in the US, we have seen college age audience members behave much worse on a very regular basis.  Cudos to their parents for raising polite children.

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