Thursday, September 27, 2018

Renewal Freebies and More Good Deals

We recently renewed our Sam's Club membership.  That made us eligible for some deals.  While not all of them appealed to us, there were a few we liked and that made financial sense.

Free Items:

1 rotisserie chicken $4.98 saved
16 inch pepperoni pizza  $6.99 saved
18 chocolate chunk cookies.  $5.98 saved

I love free food!

Money Off Deals:

Bathroom Tissue.   $1.50 saved.   45 rolls  40 cents/roll
Facial Tissue.  $3.00 saved.     12 packages 180count.     $0.75/box
Paper Towels.  $1.50 saved .   15 rolls   $1.12/ premium roll
Garbage Bags   $2.00 saved.     200 flex bags at 7 cents /bag
50 count box of assorted chips (for the lake)   $2.50 saved.    20 cents/bag
French Baguettes.  $1.50 saved.     $1.24/ extra long baguette
Sandwich Croissants.  $2.50 saved.  37 cents/sandwich croissants
Pepperoni. $2.00 saved.     $1.90/pound
6 lbs. ground beef  $6.00 saved.  $1.98/ pound

Savings:  $40.45

Always try to take advantage of these kind of special discounts if they work for you.  They are like found money.

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