Sunday, September 9, 2018

A Shop At A New Salvage Store

We tried out a new salvage grocery we had heard about.  I like my regular one better and I think their prices are generally lower.  But I did find some deals and some things I don't see very often.  The large bags of coffee worked out to $2.99/pound.  And, I see a yummy stir fry in our future.  :)

Here is what we bought:

Large can of crushed tomatoes
Tomato sauce  (3)
Diced tomatoes (3)
Rotel tomatoes (2)
Grey Poupon mustard (16 oz.)
No sugar ketchup
Spaghetti .(4 lbs)
8 count low carb tortillas (2)
Pork rinds, for Mike. (2)
Evaporated milk (6), an early Christmas stock up
Cream of chicken soup (4), we are entering casserole season
Tomato soup, the perfect comfort meal with grilled cheese
Clam broth (4 cups), for making chowder and clam sauce for pasta
Bean sprouts (2)
Baby corn
Water chestnuts
Ripe olives
Artichoke hearts
French style green beans (2)
Pad Thai Mix
Carmel swirl coffee beans (5 lbs.)
Columbian Supreme coffee beans (5 lbs.)
Ground coffee (2.5 lbs.)
Canned peaches (2)
Canned pears (2)
Canned pineapple (2)
Soy flour (lb)
Texturized Vegetable Protein (10 oz), great for chili
Vital Wheat Gluten (6.5 oz), for bread making
Semi Sweet Cooking Chocolate Bar
Hot sauce
Croutons, for Mike when I don't make them fresh
Kellogg's Toaster Pastries (3 boxes), a post diet treat
Atkins Carb Bars (4 boxes)
80 Glad Garbage Bags
5 Reynolds oven bags
Six rolls of TP for the RV
50 tide pods for the RV

Total Spent:  $93.31:  $77.11 for food items and $ 16.20 for non-food items.

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