Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Five Frugal Things From August

1.  Gathering up the fragments at the end of the week at the lake:  butter, lettuce, blueberries, bread, eggs, cheese, corn, ribs, lasagna, potatoes, summer squash, grapes, plums,  pasta salad and frozen treats such as popsicles, etc. that we shared with the camper next to us that had children who will enjoy.  All of this would have been thrown away if we hadn't taken it.  Nobody else was interested, We tried.

2.  We needed some kitchen items for the RV.  Instead of paying to buy them new, we found them in a thrift store.  We got a glass 9x13 pan, a large sauce pan with lid, two cake pans, a muffin tin, a colander and a large tempered glass cutting board for $9.00.

3.  I wanted to read the new biography of Laura Ingalls Wilder but I didn't want to spend the money ($22) to buy a copy.  So I got on the list at the library and my turn came rather quickly.  I'm now enjoying a free read.

4.  Mike found a set of brand new king size sheets at Goodwill for $ 5.99.  They will be great for the RV.

5.  I did some time consuming comparison shopping between our local Co-Op, Amazon, and Vitacost checking the cost of some low carb ingredients I needed to buy.  Vitacost came out on top and saved us about $10.00.  It pays to compare.

Extra:   Taking advantage of a back to school special, I got a half price haircut.

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