Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Grocery Shopping in England Oct 15-24: Buying and Eating

We spent ten days in England cleaning out our boat and getting it ready to sell.  It was hard to say goodbye but certain issues forced our hand

Now we have to plan phase two of our retirement.  I see an RV in our future and some touring of the U.S. and Canada.

But, back to our England trip.  :)

What we bought:

Food Co-Op:   blueberry mini wheats, berry soft breakfast cookies, potato crisps, English breakfast tea bags, 6 eggs, crackers (2), chocolate macaroons, Lincolnshire sausages, pepperoni pizza, Cornish pasty, pork pies, double cream, chicken Kiev, potatoes, root vegetables, strawberry apple pie, bacon, pate, cheddar (2), garlic baguette, wine (2), bananas, butter, mussels (2), whole chicken, sliced salami, marmalade. £36.20 or $48.10. Most of the items were yellow stickered (reduced).

Co-Op:  butter £1.69 or $2.20

Total spent on groceries:  $50.30

When we started cleaning out the boat in England we found some food items that were still good to eat ( cans, dried, bread mix, etc) that we will work into our menu while here.  That's a score as far as the budget is concerned.  :)

What we ate:

Breakfast- eggs and bacon; homemade toast; cinnamon toast; Lincolnshire sausages and toast; beans on toast; fried potatoes with eggs and cheese; toast; leftover beans on toast with bacon; Belvita breakfast cookies

Lunch- Cornish Pastie and crisps; lunch courtesy of friends Leslie and Pete; bacon sandwiches, bananas, chips and cookies; leftover pizza; lunch with Annie; ham sandwich with crisps and cookies; leftovers; lunch with Annie; grazed the leftovers; meat, cheese and crackers for the airport

Dinner- pepperoni pizza;  Chicken Kiev, baked potato, fruit, garlic bread, pie;  pasta with mussels, garlic, wine and cream, roasted rhutabegas, cheese bread;  chicken with mustard sauce, mashed root vegetables, fruit; ham, fried potatoes, corn; leftover smorgasbord; pork pies, corn and mash; pate and cheese; dinner with Kim and Robert; back in Erie late so settled on cereal

What we spent in restaurants:

Lunch with Annie. £11.00 or $14.50
Lunch with Annie  £10 or $13.20
Dinner with Kim and Robert  £26 or $34.30
Total in restaurants:  $62.00

Total spent:  112.30

We had $114.44 of October's allotment to spend so now we are at $2.14 left plus the cushion of $480.19.  This week's CSA will take us into the cushion.

But, all things considered, I'm pleased with where we are at.  Only one more week to go this month.

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