Thursday, September 1, 2016

August's Simple Savings

$809.37 this month with an average per month so far this year of $1172.80.

Our lowest month so far this year.  But I'll still take it.  LOL

How did we save in August without cha going our lifestyle:

Self catering when travelling instead of restaurants
A free coffee from Starbucks
Using restaurant coupons when we did eat out
Using Gas Buddy to save on gas
Getting only the free E-books
Taking advantage of military discounts
Parking on the street and walking rather than using the parking garage
Senior citizen discounts
Negotiating a hotel charge down
Taking advantage of validated parking
Buying things that have that day's discount color tag at the thrift stores
Taking advantage of the provided breakfast
Using our 2Together pass on the train
Negotiating the boat's dockage fee

Now, on to September's savings. 

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