Wednesday, May 4, 2016

We Are At Wrenbury

Located amidst peaceful countryside dotted with lots of tranquil sheep and cows is the picturesque village of Wrenbury.

The village charms you with thatched cottages and a church whose bells still ring every fifteen minutes.

St. Margaret's church dates from the fourteenth century and overlooks the village green.

It was caught up in a dispute between two families that lasted 400 years and that is not a typo.

The dispute was between two prominent families:   the Cottons of Combermere Abbey and the Starkeys of Wrenbury Hall.

At question was the ownership of land and, believe it or not, church pews.

Their disagreement reached such a level that in 1748 the south side of the church officially became Cotton territory and the north side was allocated to the Starkeys.

Now that is a feud.

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