Sunday, May 1, 2016

April's Simple Savings

$1243.00 for April (and no, I didn't round, it came out an even number)

This month's savings came from:

Shipboard credits during our cruise
Not preselecting our airplane seats on the flight to Berlin
Hotel savings due to a military discount
A free coffee earned at Starbucks (one of my addictions)
Lots of free e-book downloads
Using a coupon, buying only items on sale, buying through Ebates, and taking advantage of free shipping to the store when I purchased ladies' unmentionables
Doing DIY port tours rather than booking through the ship
RTC food at the grocery store and a store voucher

Over the last four months we have averaged$1184.52 per month in simple to do savings without a negative effect on our lifestyle.

I call that a win.

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