Thursday, April 28, 2016

We're Back On The Boat

We arrived back from Berlin yesterday afternoon.

After unpacking, I made a loaf of bread and some nachos and Mexican corn for dinner with date bars as dessert.

While the bread was baking I walked down to a local lady and bought some free range eggs.

Today, after a breakfast of peanut butter toast, I had planned on walking to the local grocery for some butter and fresh fruits and vegetables. But, it is raining.

So instead I got an early start on laundry that I will hang to dry inside.

I also took a look in the cupboards and decided on homemade hummus wraps, Moroccan couscous, grapefruit sections, and fried green beans for dinner.

Tomorrow's breakfast will be the homemade granola I can smell baking as I type.

A cozy domestic day. Think I'll crochet next.

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