Friday, April 1, 2016

March Total

As part of this year's goals, I have again kept track of how much money we didn't have to spend in March just by adjusting a few mindsets.

We managed to "save" $1124.87 in March.


By "buying" daily free e-books, taking advantage of hotel room savings, buying items that had been further reduced at charity/thrift stores, taking advantage of military discounts, using our OAP (senior citizens) discount, taking advantage of sales, using coupons, buying through ebates, taking advantage of free food available at the hotel, using my earned free coffee at Starbucks, finding a less expensive place to have my hair cut, finding cheaper gasoline, doing my own pedicure and manicure and taking advantage of a free photo offer.

None of these negatively affected my quality of life. And, the money saved will actually enhance said quality of life.

Over the last three months we have managed to avoid spending $3495.11 or an average of $1165.04 per month. Not too shabby.

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