Saturday, March 31, 2018

March: Buying and Eating

We began March with a monthly allocation of  $381.30 and a cushion of  $498.91, with $172.31 of the cushion coming from this year.

After the first 15 days of the month we are left with $218.78 to see us through the end of the month.

What we Ate:

Asian glazed shrimp from the freezer, Asian rice salad from the freezer, peas, cake mix peanut butter cookies from the freezer;  Reuben, potato and cheese slices, Irish Chocolate cake; Stromboli from the freezer and popcorn;  leftover pizza from the freezer and homemade snack mix;  homemade clam chowder from the freezer and leftover sandwich and stromboli from the fridge; cheesy potatoes and ham, salad, corn on the cob;  penne pasta bake, peas and carrots, tomato bread;  Moroccan spiced garbanzo beans with vegetables over couscous, homemade chunky applesauce, toasted tomato bread; venison stroganoff with noodles, asparagus , salad; pork chops, broccoli and rice, strawberries and bananas; red beans and rice with Cajun venison sausage, garlic roasted cabbage wedges; leftover smorgasbord;  Cuban black bean soup, cheesy cornbread and fresh fruit

What we bought:

Aldi:  pretzels, cabbage, onions (3lb.), bananas (1.5lbs), cream cheese, bleu cheese, feta cheese, nectarines (2lbs), strawberries (lb), asparagus (lb), tomato juice, orange juice.  $18.03

Semi boneless ham (11.94 lbs), Folgers, cream cheese, cheese (2), chocolate chips. $21.09

Giant Eagle:  protein bar, breakfast seasoning    Free with coupons

CVS:  instant Maxwell House (3)  $8.97

Aldi:  mushrooms. $1

Save a Lot:  cantaloupe, sweet potatoes (2),  butter (10)    $22.23

Dollar Tree:  vanilla syrup for coffee  $1

Aldi:  butter (6)  $11.94

Giant Eagle:  frozen vegetables. (10),  fresh asparagus,  yogurt ( free)  $13.98

Tops:  cheese (4)    $9.99

Save a Lot:  au gratin potato mix (2), scalloped potato mix (2)  $3.16

Whole Foods:  frozen edemame (2)  $3.98

Total groceries:  $115.37

Eating Out:

Lunch with Angela . $12.49

Mike lunch:  $2.00

Total eating out:  $14.49

Grand Total:  $129.86

We had $218.78 to spend this two week period.  So, we get to transfer $88.92 into the cushion.

A good month.

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