Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February, Part Two

Home again, but still keeping the food simple, we ate soups and comfort food for several days.  After three weeks of cafeteria food that would win no awards, it tasted heavenly.

What did we eat:
homemade tortilla pizza, sloppy Joe, chili, clam chowder, grilled chicken breast with green soy beans and cumin seasoned acorn squash, steak ( part of a gift from our girls) with mushrooms and Brussels sprouts, pork chops with spinach-cheese patties, leftovers (of course), homemade bean with bacon soup and roast beef salad sandwich, chicken fajitas and broccoli,grilled ham steak and asparagus, brats and beans, marinated chicken breast, leftover soup and sandwich, Joyce's chicken salad, chili and either egg salad or tuna salad wraps, southern bbq, nachos and guacamole.

Mike was still the designated shopper during this time period, and he likes small shops done frequently. This works because he sticks to the list unless he sees a super deal like eggs for 45 cents a dozen.  Just add them to the stockpile.

What did we spend:
Onions, mushrooms (2), eggs (2),cream cheese, strawberries  at a cost of $7.05

Mozzarella and cheddar Cheese (6) at a cost of $8.90

Whole Foods Co-Op: $9.12
Dry soybeans, fresh natural peanut butter, green soy beans

Save a Lot:
10 pounds of chicken leg quarters for $2.90

Low carb tortillas(2 pks) for $5.98

Cream, strawberries, baby Bella mushrooms (2), pork rinds (for Mike)  for $6.65

Werther's (2), orbit gum (2) :  $6.53
Balance:  $278.89

And then there was the monthly salvage shop where I bought:
Low carb tortillas, tomato sauce (6), salsa, spaghetti, Pam, evaporated milk, Nestle crema (2), Mac and cheese, noodles Alfredo, Siracha, corn, green beans, spinach, sauerkraut, black beans, cream of asparagus soup, green chillies, chicken stock, beef stock, coffee (3), nuts (6).  The cost was $28.85.  Not bad.

We had three more days of February and a balance, including January's extra, of $250.04.  Then we shopped.

Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, summer sausage, cream,Roma tomatoes, green peppers, bagged salad (2), olives. The total spent was $19.00

Price Rite:
Queso for frying, ricotta, lavish.  The total spent was $9.34

We also treated yourself to lunch out at a Thai place:  $25.22
And then lunch out with friends:  $16.02

Our current balance as the month ends:  $180.46
Of that $68.02 was the January rollover.  $112.44 will be the February rollover.
We spent $230.28 this month.
That averages $8.22 per day, $4.11 per person per day.

I'm happy.

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