Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Slowing the Pace to go the Distance

Today I am three weeks post surgery.  And here is where I currently am.

  • the swelling has lessened but isn't all the way gone
  • I'm no longer on the sustained release pain med and coping well with just the every four hour pain med
  • sometimes at night I can stretch the med to more than four hours
  • getting up and down is much less painful
  • although still not a favorite, getting into and out of the car is progressing closer to the no problem zone
  • sitting in a chair for any period of time is still not something I am a fan of doing
  • I can now change my scenery by reclining on the couch and I don't need a crane to get off said couch
  • my walker (frame) has graduated to wheels in the front 
  • as part of what I consider OT, I cooked minestrone, smashed potatoes, banana bread, sauerkraut and apple with leftover pork and roasted a chicken
  • I have started to crochet again, but only simple things like a pillow for the cottage we are in
  • My former bad knee, which needed a lot more work to make right, now bends to 98 degrees and my less bad knee bends to 102 degrees and both straighten completely to zero degrees
  • I am "marching" and focusing on each step starting on my heel and rolling off my toes to work on normalizing my gait
  • I have taken over 1000 steps in a day which is small by normal standards but good by bilateral standards
  • I have figured out how to sleep on my side and give my back a break
  • Oh, my seven minute trip from bedroom to bathroom has been cut in half,yeah!
  • and tomorrow I will begin my 12 weeks of out patient therapy
We are getting closer to where we need to be. I just need to stay the course.

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