Wednesday, October 14, 2015

One Month Update

The squirrels and chipmunk are super busy darting around and foraging for food.They are cute to watch and put a smile on my face but the thought of the winter they are for telling makes me a little nervous. After all, the recent winters here have been brutal. Better search out all my woolies.

I am in outpatient therapy now and seeing slow but steady progress, although the swelling has flared up recently. BUT, all the steri strips are now off and that means I can start water therapy which is supposed to help. I am not looking forward to wearing my suit in public (I am not sure the world is ready) I am looking forward to some relief from the swelling.

This past Sunday I did manage to stand independently in the shower long enough to bathe and wash my hair. A gold star day! I have also been able to stand long enough to do the dishes.That put a smile on Mike's face. :-) And,to put a smile on my face, often when I am in the kitchen Shelia, the dog from next door sticks her nose up against the screen door to say hi and we commune with each other. I love it.

I have also found myself furniture walking in close spaces instead of moving the walker. And one time I realised I had even taken a step or two without support. All of this is without thinking, but something tells me a cane might be coming soon.

I have also had the pleasure of animated email cards, an honest to goodness letter, visits from good friends and even a lunch out with a friend. I was pleased to discover I could sit in a chair that long. And we only needed the small oil can and not the super sized one to get things moving again. :-)

I have been crocheting but as of now have nothing to show for it. I crocheted a pullover for myself twice and ripped it out both times. Ugh.
I then tried a shawl twice but didn't like either so they were ripped out. I am now working on a baby blanket but its future is also uncertain. Anyone see a pattern here?

My biggest news is that I have been fending for myself for the last three days!  Mike is on an accreditation visit to a small college in Ohio. I have had to take care of myself and the cottage and feel proud that I could do so. Meals have been basic and I did have to rely on the kindness of a good friend to get me to therapy but I did it! Mike will be back in just a few hours.

Well, that's my excitement filled life. Hop you all are doing well. Till next time.

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