Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Busy Ripping It Out

I have been lucky enough to find quite a stock of yarn at various charity shops over the months which fits in quite well with my Compact vow for this year of only buying used items (with certain exceptions).

When you put that together with the tummy bug I have had recently, that has meant more time on the boat and less time exploring, well the mind just went to crocheting.

Keep Calm and Craft  On.

Since I had a large vista of time before me I decided to try some new patterns that were a little more complicated than my old favorite granny square.

Maybe there is a reason I have stuck with the granny square for all these years.  I can crochet them almost automatically, rarely goof it up, and actually end up with a final product for all my hours of crafting.

Those new patterns.  They say they are super easy for the beginner, and I believe them.  Really I do.  But this beginner seems to have a distinct learning curve.

I read the instructions.  I believe I understand the instructions.  I follow the instructions.  My items looks like a mutant of some unknown source.  So I rip it out and try again.

It seems that for every item I manage to complete I have done enough stitches to make the item three or four times over.  No exaggeration.

Then there are the stitches that were ripped out when I discovered a mistake eight or ten rows back (I swear they hide from me until I am at my most vulnerable and then just show up in the row.) 

Or,  I get something nicely on its way and then decide I did not like the colors of yarn being used so out came all those perfectly good stitches and we began anew.

Or, sometimes I am almost done and decide I just don't like it.  No good reason why.  I just don't.  So rip it out and try something else, right?  Right.

I can tell you that it has made my stock of yarn go much further, at least time wise if not project wise.

Oh, and I have become so fond of ripping things out that I have actually purchased a couple of hand crocheted items from the charity shops that I like the yarn of  and brought them home to, you guessed it, rip them  apart so that I could use the yarn to crochet something new.

I may need a support group soon.

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