Thursday, June 4, 2015

Burscough Bridge

We are in the cute little hamlet of Burscough Bridge, 23 miles outside of Liverpool.

Just before mooring here we passed the lovely old bridge

 that designates the junction of the Leeds-Liverpool with the Rufford Branch, eleven miles in length, which we will explore at the end of July (we are booked in to do so) and we will also cross the Ribble Link.  Before that we will spend a week in Liverpool (we are also booked in for that).

We cruised the picturesque Rufford Branch in the wet summer of 2007
Image result for rufford branch on a mapImage result for ribble link on map
Today is another blue sky, white clouds and sunny day so we are off to explore the charity shops (2) and coffee shops (2) and maybe even stop in at a pub.  It should be a fun and relaxing day and since it is all close to where we are moored my knees may even stay happy with me.  If they get upset that stop into the pub will get more and more likely. :-) 

Oh, and here is the obligatory mama and babies photo from along our route.  So cute.

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