Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2018 Buying and Eating Plan

In 2017 I allotted $12. 31 a day to cover our food costs.    That comes out to $6.16 a day per person.   This covered our groceries and the cost of eating out.  We managed to end the year with $$326.60 of the money unspent.  That averaged out to $0.90 per day less than the $12.31 allocated.

Technically, I should lower our daily allocation to $11.41 a day.  However, I spent too much time in the hospital this past year.  And, health willing, I want to spend more time eating out with friends this year.

So, I am leaving our allocation at $12.30 per day and I am carrying over our $326.60 surplus.  Hopefully, that will work for 2018.

Our pantry and freezer are full, so it should be doable.  Time will tell.

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