Sunday, December 31, 2017

December 1-31: Buying and Eating

$381.61 allocated for the month  with a cushion of $322.34

We were on a riverboat vacation down the Mississippi  December 14 through the 26.  Therefore, we decided to do only one accounting this month.

What We Ate:

Appetizer assortment; leftover pork chops and accompaniments; Philly cheese steak; grilled ham and cheese with tomato soup; leftovers; homemade mushroom soup with fresh bread; sausage stuffed mushrooms, baked potato rounds, roasted Brussels sprouts; nachos from the freezer, fried cheese, salad;  mushroom and sausage frittata, yoghurt with fresh mandarins, leftover potatoes and fried cheese; doctored pizza and chips; appetizers at the hotel in Memphis; chicken, Brussels sprouts, red beans and rice, garlic bread;  red beans and rice casserole with chicken and cheese, left over Brussels sprouts and bread, chicken sandwiches, red beans and rice soup with bread; lasagna from the freezer; appetizer assortment

What We Bought:

Pretzels ( for car trip to and from New York)  $3.69

Aldi:  mushrooms (4), avocados (3), cucumber, mini sweet peppers, Roma tomatoes, mandarins, baby lettuce. $15.38

Giant Eagle:  ground beef (6 lbs), iced tea (free), salmon (lb)  $18.67

Country Fair:  deli ham, deli roast beef, deli provolone (lb each), kielbasa (2)  $13.65

Aldi:  cereal (2), figs (2)  $6.56

Giant Eagle:  30 lbs. Flour, 12 lbs sugar.  $ 8.91

Price Rite:  cheese (3), butter (2)  $9.74

Grocery in New Orleans:  chicken, Brussels sprouts, red beans and rice, garlic bread. ( used the kitchenette in room)  $20.40

Cost of processing Mike's deer. $75

Aldi:  heavy cream (4),  pepperoni, salami (2), green beans (2), cheese (15), tomatoes, peanuts, fresh spinach, romaine lettuce, eggplant, cucumbers (3), zucchini, colored peppers, cabbage.  $73.00  ( a restocking after our vacation)

Eating Out:

Aunt Millie's (on way home from New York)  $20.69
Lunch with Joyce. $10.75
Lunch at Gus's in Memphis. $22.40
Lunch at Graceland.  $12.55
BBQ lunch in Memphis. $32.00
Lunch in Memphis. $17.97
Pizza in New Orleans  $5.99
Taco Bell in Cleveland $8.97
Lunch at airport:  $4.43

We spent $255.00 on groceries and $122.35 on restaurant meals this month for a total of $377.35.  We get to add a grand total of  $4.26 to the cushion, meaning we end the year with a cushion of $326.60.

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