Thursday, November 9, 2017

How to Save the Most you Can

1.  Buy it cheaper.
2.  Make it last longer.
3.  Use it less.

Save with each option.
Combine two and save more.
Do all three and maximize your savings.

1.  Buy it cheaper.
     Sales.  Salvage groceries.  Thrift stores.  Discount stores.

2.  Make it last longer.
     Use less. Use less frequently.  Repair instead of replacing.

3.  Use it less.
     Can you use something else in its place sometimes?  Can you do without completely sometimes?

An hypothetical:

Buying it cheaper saves you $10.00.
Making it last longer saves you another $50.00.
Using less also saves you yet another $50.00.

If you can buy it cheaper and make it last longer you can save $60.00.

If you can do all three, you can save $110.00.  Not bad at all.

For example, you buy a great pair of dress shoes on sale and save $10.00.

To make them last longer, you only wear them at work.  You wear an older pair to and from work to take the wear and tear of driving, rainy days, and snow covered parking lots.

 Your shoes now last a year longer and you save $50 by not having to replace your shoes every year.

To use them less, you alternate between two pairs of dress shoes so that each can dry out between wears (feet sweat) and each pair has a day to be cleaned and polished as necessary.

 Consequently, each pair lasts an additional year. That saves you another $50 per pair.

 $110 saved.  Now that was easy, wasn't it?

(Oh, and that $50 per pair was just for the example.  Good shoes can COST.)

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