Sunday, April 30, 2017

A Great Month of Eating Leftovers

To recap, this month we had $369.30 for the month and $110.00 of a bonus cushion.  The first part of the month we spent $79.50, leaving $289.80 of April's funds and all of the bonus cushion.

Mike did a great job of eating out of the freezer and staying out of the grocery store and restaurants.  Thanks to him we did a great job of keeping costs under control.

What did we eat:
Mike grilled himself a steak to have with a green salad, Rotatouille with pasta and Greek salad, grilled ham and cheese, grilled shrimp and tilapia, steak with Brussels sprouts, salad and cantaloupe, Easter dinner with Sharon, leftover Swedish meatballs, stir fry, leftover southern bbq, left over stir fry, bam and cheese omelette, leftover stir fry, pasta and melon, grilled hamburger, grilled ham steak, leftover Swedish meatballs, Mac and cheese ( my welcome home from the hospital soft food diet choice), tilapia and shrimp, leftover French onion soup, homemade pizza with six toppings and three cheeses

Meals Out:
Mike's Barstool sailing  $13.82

What did we spend:

Aldi:   cream, eggs (2), whipped topping (2),  pork rinds, cheese, mushrooms, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, salt and pepper grinder.   $17.90

Giant Eagle:  bacon, sweet pepper,   $1.62

Save a Lot:  cabbage, cheese   $ 3.61

Walmart:  Flatbread (2), tortillas  $5.86

Aldi:  frozen berries, spinach, pork rinds, eggs (2), baby back ribs.  $14.14

Tops:  coffee, ketchup  $5.48

Aldi:  prune juice (prescribed), strawberries, cheese (3),  peanuts, olives, cantaloupe, apricot preserves, chorizo, bananas.  $25.20

We spent a total of $87.63 this part of the month for a total of  $167.13 for the month.
That means we have $202.12 to carry over from April.  When you add in the cushion we started the month with, $101.10, we now have a cushion of  $303.27 to carry over into May.  Not too shabby.

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