Friday, March 31, 2017

March, Final Numbers

We have $121.66   to get through the next eleven days.

Lunch with Rick and MJ:  $14.06
Lunch with Joyce:  $15
Breakfast with Dad:  $23.45
Lunch with Angela:  $19.85
Lunch with Ginger:  $10.00

Eggplant, strawberries,carb bars, sweet peppers, green beans for $9.35

Spinach for $1.00

I only had $28.95 to get through the next week.  Too much social life with more to come.  I would definitely be using some of the extra January and February money.  Drat!

Charlie's Celebration Dinner (he got into pharmacy school) $75.10.  That took all of the money remaining for March and $46.15 of February's extra.

 Only $66.29 of February money, plus all of January's extra remained.  I was bummed.  I can't afford to have too many social months like this or I won't have any emergency cushion at all..

What did we eat:
Steak and shrimp; homemade French Onion soup; beef and bean burritos; grilled scallops;  chicken paprikash soup with dumplings and cheesecake; Rotatouille with pasta and garlic bread;Swedish meatballs; Reuben with yogurt and blueberries; homemade pizza

Salvage Shopping:

Chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, Heath bar toffee chips, trivia brown sugar (2), brownie mix, Atkins items (2), beef Jerky, popcorn, pineapple, black pepper, minced garlic (2), split peas, coffee (3), natural peanut butter (3), marshmallows, vanilla pudding, nuts(4), balsamic vinegar for a cost of $34.21

So, a bad month.  We spent all of March's money ($381.61),  and most of February's surplus ($80.36  ) for a total of $461.97 .    Too much of this resulted from meals out ($207.34).

Let's just hope I do a lot better in April.

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