Saturday, July 16, 2016

Try, Try Again

The floors of the boat are cold. All the time. Always.

To combat the cold I wear slippers. All the time. Always.

Slippers wear out.  Necessitating new slippers.

And therein lies the problem.

Yes, I crochet.

Yes, I have made countless slippers.

But only one actual PAIR of slippers.  And I don't like them.

I have tried countless patterns.  To no avail.

Some are too wide. Some are too long. Some just look like mutants from the outer galaxy.

I have adjusted patterns. I have changed hook size.

I have pleaded and threatened them.

All have been torn out.

 Leaving me once again with my mocking ball of yarn and snickering set of hooks.

But I am stubborn. I will prevail or die trying.

Please, don't send flowers.  Just send slippers.

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