Tuesday, January 26, 2021

2020 Linus Project Blankets and Yarn Costs: October-December


Linus Project Blankets:  5

Adult blanket for a gift

Operation Gratitude Scarves: 2

23 skeins for $11.34  Goodwill

50 skeins for $14  Goodwillfor $23.15  Goodwill

2skeins for $2.49 (one overized)  Episcopal thrift store

32 skeins(some wool) for $19.44  Salvation Army

10 skeins  $8.80


Linus Project Blankets:  4

Animal Blanket:  3

Scarf for gift:  1

Operation Gratitude Scarves:  4


Linus Project  2

Operation Gratitude Scarves:  14

Pet Blankets:  2

Thursday, January 21, 2021

2020 Clothing Expenses: October- December




Watch  $20.22  Exchange

Navy hat and tee shirt  $11.75


 Wool Eddie Bauer cardigan  $4   Episcopal thrift store

Skirt  $3.99 Goodwill

Long sweater  $4.00  Salvation Army

Saturday, January 16, 2021

2021 Buying and Eating: January 1-15

 Allocation for the Month: $310 for groceries and meals out

Cushion: $0.00

What We Ate:  ham, sweet potato, cabbage and black eyed peas; scalloped potatoes and ham, green bean casserole, fruit and yogurt; vegetable soup and leftover cheese ball; BBQ pork and leftover sides;  chicken paprikash soup and homemade rye bread; meatless chicken fried steak and sides; Buffalo wings, potato, lima beans; leftover chicken paprikash soup;  seafood crepes and pea salad; Orange chicken with noodles and roasted root vegetables with an Asian sauce; curried potatoes, pea salad, warm cinnamon pears; homemade egg rolls, egg drop soup, onion pancake; fish, Greek salad, mashed root veggies; tacos and refried beans with roasted potato skins; pasta carbonara and broccoli

What We Bought:

Tops:  Italian bread, eggs, liquid smoke ( for making kielbasa)  $5.25

Bread store:  English muffins, bagels (2)  $3.29

Aldi:  olives (4)  $11.96

Price Rite:  corned beef hash (2), canned chicken (4), boneless skinless chicken breast (5.83#), butter (2), eggs (4), orange juice  $23.33

Grocery Total for Two Weeks:  $43.83

Remaining Allocation:  $266.17

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

2021 Budget Amounts

 Buying and Eating:  We decided on $10.00/day or $5/person/day.  Remember, this includes our meals out.  We hope to have more of those this year with friends.  Plus, it makes the math easier.

Household and Personal Care:  Household will stay at $25/month.  Personal Care will go to $30/month because I am hoping for haircuts and a pedicure.

Clothing :  I am setting this at $10/person/month.  We shall see if that is enough.

Linus Project, etc. Yarn:  My goal is to find yarn for less than $1/skein.  Last year I averaged less than 60 cents/skein son should be able to do it.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

2020 Frugal Things in December

 1.  Mike got a free haircut because he is a veteran.  A savings of $11.00.

2.  We bought a 16.5 pound ham.  It's original cost was $45.81.  It was on sale for 99 cents per pound.  That took the price down to $16.26 .  THEN we used the $10 in gift cards we received when we had our flu shots.  That took the final cost to $6.26 or about 40 cents per pound!!! 

3.  Mike needed a one-time prescription.  He had it filled at a store that offered $15 in free groceries for doing so.  Boneless pork loin went on sale and we used our gift card.  The result was about eleven pounds of meat for $1.66!

4.  Because of a medical appointment, we had to spend the night in Cleveland.  We stayed in the hotel attached for free using a free night.  We saved about $90!

5.  We used some of our16 cent/pound pork to make Italian sausage.

Friday, January 1, 2021

2020 Meal Plan: December 16-31

 Vegetarian:  cheese tortellini with sauce; 

Low Meat: assorted appetizers; beef pot pie; onions and peppers with Italian sausage; assorted appetizers; chicken Alfredo 

Meat:  catfish; beef stroganoff; ham; beef roast beef for Christmas; Christmas leftovers

Vegetarian:  1

Low Meat:  5

Meat:  5

The holidays threw us off track.  A birthday and two holidays will do that.  Such is life.

2020 Buying and Eating: December 16-31

 Remaining Allocation:  $310.12

Cushion  $1531.16

What We Ate:  catfish and French fries with salad; beef stroganoff and rice with veg; ham, potatoes and limas; tortellini with sauce; assorted appetizer; beef roast for Christmas; hamburgers and French fries; Christmas leftovers; beef pot pie; chicken Alfredo and broccoli; onions and peppers with Italian sausage; assorted appetizers

What We Bought:

Aldi:  egg noodles, butter (4), cream cheese (2)   $9.63

Giant Eagle:  boneless pork loin (11#)  $1.66  This is not a typo!  We used a $15 gift card Mike got for filling a prescription there.

Price Rite:  coffee (2), romaine lettuce, cucumber, red sweet pepper (2) crescent rolls (2)   $9.90

Tops:  broccoli crown, fresh green beans, halo oranges, cherry tomatoes, iceburg lettuce mix, onion dip, $5.35

Total for Groceries this Two Weeks:  $109.60

Eating Out:

Intercontinental Hotel   $55.26

Bruegger's Bagels  $6.38

Mike's birthday dinner at the club  $18.62

Total for Eating Out this Two Weeks:  $80.26

Grand Total for Two Weeks:  $189.86

Amount to Cushion:  $130.26

Final Cushion Amount for the Year: $1661.42