Tuesday, June 28, 2022

2022 Frugal Things in May

 1.  A free 8 by 10 from Walgreens.

2.  Our bread store closed.  :(   So, I have been making regular bread, cinnamon raisin bread , flatbread, rye bread and English muffins.

3.  I made two dozen biscotti from a 65 cent cake mix.

4.  I finally read the tags on our winter coats.  They don't have to be dry cleaned like I had assumed.  They are now on a cold, delicate cycle and will then be line dryed.  Many dollars saved.

5.  Some pretzels we bought awhile ago had gone stale.  I popped them into a warm oven to recrisp them.  Money saved.

6.  I found a large pork shoulder marked half price.  I paid 75 cents per pound!  Lovely pulled pork on a budget.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

2022 Buying and Eating: June 1-15

 Allocation $300

YTD Groceries:  $ 382.95

YTD Eating Out:  $ 181.62

YTD (117 days)  $564.60     $ 4.86/day.    $2.43/person/day

Cushion:  $614.89

What We Ate:  chicken and rice, peas, applesauce; meatloaf, baked potatoes, salad; bean burritos, Mexican quinoa salad; meatloaf sandwiches with potato skins; chicken divan, mashed potatoes, cottage cheese and apple salad; tuna macaroni salad, green salad, crackers and fresh strawberries; leftovers, strawberries, corn on the cob; cottage pie, artichoke, cottage cheese and tomato salad; grilled chicken and corn, cabbage salad with poppy seed dressing;  chicken paprikash soup, cheese and crackers; grilled sausages, Greek salad, wanted onion, peppers and mushrooms, red grapes; ham salad sandwich, cottage cheese and fruit; chicken and noodles over mashed potatoes with sliced fresh peaches and sour cream biscuits; homemade four cheese macaroni and cheese, fresh peaches, zucchini fritters; sloppy Joe, corn on the cob, bananas and cream

What We Bought:

Walmart:  sour cream, cottage cheese  $3.94

Dollar Tree:  lentils, great northern beans  $2.50

Aldi:  green peppers, onions, carrots  $6.27

Road side stand:  fresh strawberries   $10

Sanders:  chicken leg quarters, artichokes, sweet peppers, corn on the cob, cucumber, peaches  $11.39

Aldi:  leg quarters (10#), half and half, mushrooms (2), bagels (2), grapes  $15.98

Price Rite:  potato chips, tomatoes (4), lettuce, hotdogs  $5.74

Sanders:  French onion dip (2), corn on the cob (3), sweet potatoes (2), small potatoes (1#), bananas (2#)  $6.19

Two Week Subtotal for Groceries:  $60.51

Eating Out:

Lunch while loading in the RV  $10.57

Breakfast  $ 5.71

Lunch  $7.42

Lunch with Joyce  $18.98

Two Week Subtotal for Eating Out:  $42.68

Two Week Subtotal:  $103.19

Remaining Allocation:  $196.81

Thursday, June 9, 2022

2022 Household and Personal Care: May

 As of the beginning of May:

YTD Personal Care:  $107.22     $80 Budgeted  $27.22 over budget

YTD Household:   $98.08     $120 budgeted  $21.92 under budget

Personal Care


Laundry detergent  (4)  $4.00

Coffee filters  $1.25

Total:  $5.25

Personal Care:


Wednesday, June 1, 2022

2022 Buying and Eating: May16-31

 Remaining Allocation:  $232.14

Two Week Subtotal Groceries:  $38.18

Two Week Subtotal Eating Out:  $19.18

Two Week Total:  $57.36

What We Ate

Homemade chicken noodle soup, tuna and cheese on crackers, Greek salad; Seafood paella, salad and green beans; Hummus with tvp sausage and onions, falafel, homemade flatbread; Roast chicken, stuffing, baked sweet potatoes, red cabbage and apple; madras lentils over quinoa and homemade flat bread,applesauce; seafood fried rice, wanted pineapple, onion pancakes; hot chicken salad, scalloped cabbage, cranberry sauce; vegetarian scotch eggs, mixed vegetables, applesauce; sandwiches with ham, lettuce and tomato and homemade Chex mix; Pot roast casserole and salad; beans and franks, Cole slaw, cornbread; bleu cheese pasta with Italian sausage , salad and garlic bread; kielbasa and sauerkraut, leftover mac and cheese and coleslaw with corn muffins; madras lentils, curried potatoes, homemade flat bread, applesauce; hamburger and French fries; BBQ pulled pork, coleslaw, baked beans, corn muffins

What We Bought:

Miller's grocery salvage:

flour (20#), pine nuts (3),_sliced almonds (2), blueberry muffin mix, egg noodles (2), evaporated milk (6), Velveeta shells and cheese (4), lasagna sheets, soy sauce, pesto sauce, tomato paste (2), spinach, pinto beans (2), fried apples (3), Starbucks (2), eight o'clock (2), espresso(4), Arabica (6)  $45.23

Tops:  roasting chicken (6.42#), sharp cheddar, goldfish crackers, tuna, bananas (3.71#)  $11.58 

Co-op:  caraway seed, ginger root  $0.74

Aldi:  mixed vegetables, cheddar cheese (1#), bagels, chicken croth, Worcestershire sauce, mozzarella cheese (1#)  $9.78

Price Rite:  coffee (2), Pork shoulder (10.29#), cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, celery, eggs (18)  $ 23.54

Save a Lot:  potatoes (8#)     $3.29

Grocery:  $94.16

Eating Out:  $-0-

Monthly Total Grocery:  $ 132.34

Monthly Total Eating Out:  $ 19.18

Monthly Total :  $151.52/  $5.41/day.    $2.71/person/dayq

Amount to Cushion:  $137.98

Friday, May 27, 2022

2022 Household and Personal Care: April

 YTD  Household:  $98.08    $90 budgeted  $8.08 over budget

YTD Personal Care:  $107.22       $60 budgeted  $47.22 over budget

Nothing was purchased in April.

Sunday, May 22, 2022

2022: 1sr Salvage Shop of the Year

 We took a ride to Sherman to check out flour and coffee.  Below is what we purchased.

Flour.    20 pounds.    $2.00

Pine nuts   1 1/2 cups     $1.50

Sliced almonds  1 cup.   $1.00

Blueberry muffin mix     $0.50

Egg noodles  (2)     $2.00

Evaporated milk  (6)  bbb$1.50

Velveeta shells and cheese  (4).    $2.00

Lasagna sheets     $0.75

Soy sauce  15 oz     $2.50

Pesto sauce  6.35 oz     $0.50

Tomato paste   6 oz      (2)     $1.50

Spinach.    $0.49

Pinto beans  (2)    $0.49

Fried apples  (3).    $2.07

Starbucks  12 oz.    (2)     $5.98

Eight O'clock coffee  11 oz   (2)     $5.98

Expresso  10 oz    (3)     $4.97

Arabica coffee   11oz.   (6)     $9.00

Expresso   10 oz.     $1.50

Total:  $45.23

Sunday, May 15, 2022

2022 Buying and Eating: May 4-15

 Allocation:  $280

Cushion:  $476.91

YTD (89 days)  $413.08     $4.64/day  $2.32/person/day

YTD Groceries:  $250.64

YTD Eating Out:  $$162.44


What We Ate:  supreme pizza; tortellini with meatballs and sauce, roasted artichoke hearts, garlic bread; Reuben casserole and butter beans, pear halves; tacos, seasoned black beans; hamburger and potato casserole with three bean salad and sauteed pineapple; Asian and homemade egg rolls; Joyce's chicken salad; soupa Toscana, crackers and salad; prime rib sandwich with French fries and Greek salad; pasta with ham and cheese, salad and fried green beans; ham and cheese sandwich, Greek salad, macaroni salad

What We Bought:

Amazon:  truffle oil  $10

Co-Op:  egg replacement, fennel, nutmeg, molasses  $ $8.50

Price Rite:  coffee (48 oz.  2), turkey sausage (2), lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber  $18.69

Tops:  Italian bread  $0.99

Eating Out:

Lunch with Joyce  $16.50

Mike lunch  $2.68

Subtotal Grocery:  $38.18

Subtotal Eating Out:  $19.18

Two Week Subtotal:  $57.36

Remaining Allocation:  $ 232.14