Saturday, May 20, 2023

2023 Household and Personal Care: April


Household     $57.92 over budget

Personal Care     $23.27 under budget


 Brita filters  6    $19.79     Amazon

Spatulas   7.     $14.90.    Amazon

Travel alarm clock      $6.00      Target

Total:  $40.69

Personal Care:

Purple Shampoo(2)$9.48    Wal-Mart

Bath powder and hair clips (8)     $5.30     Dollar Tree

Mike haircut    $9    Great Clips

Total:  $23.78


Household:  $68.61 over

Personal Care: $30.49 under

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

2023 Frugal Things April

 1.  Mike trimmed my hair and saved me the $15 cost of a haircut.

2.  We took advantage of a store promotion and filled a prescription to allow us to receive $25 in free food.

3.  I used a 10% off coupon at a local thrift store to help purchase yarn.  I saved $3.12.  Little amounts add up over time.

4.  I took advantage of a50% off sale at a thrift store and bought yarn.  On average it ended up costing $0.71/skein and I saved   $22.06.

5.  Mike used a coupon for a haircut and saved $6.

Saturday, April 29, 2023

2023 Buying and Eating : April 16-28

 Remaining Allocation:  $219.28

Cushion:  $519.93

YTD     105 days

Grocery     $414.05

Eating Out      $124.74

Total      $538.79       $5.13/day.  $2.57/person/day

What We Ate:   beef and noodles, peas, cottage cheese and grapes;     Beef fried rice and Asian onion pancakes;      Cheesy tuna rice, yogurt and fruit, bread;    Leftover smorgasbord;     Grilled boneless pork chops, potatoes Anna, sauted cabbage, onion and carrot, salad;     Lasagna, parmesan cheese bread, leftover cabbage and carrots, salad;         Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, Waldorf salad, dilled carrots;    French bread pizza, cheesy potato rounds;     Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, waldorf salad, peas;     Lentil soup and ham and cheese sandwich;     Assorted appetizers;     Corned beef hash and toast;     

What We Bought:

Sanders:  French  bread, rolls (12), donuts (doz)  $7.74

Eating Out:

$22.60       Lunch with Pat

$13.06.      Breakfast with Mike

$15.00        breakfast with Amy

$18.50.       Coffee and lunch with the ladies

$16.08         lunch with Mike going to Toronto

Total:  $92.98   Wow!  It really added up!

Two Week Total:   $100.72          $7.75/day.    $3.88/person/day

Monthly Total:  $178.44.          $6.37/day.         $3.19/person/day

To Cushion   $118.56.     New Cushion   $638.49

YTD   118  days

Grocery  $421.79

Eating Out     $217.72

Total  $639.51         $5.42day     $2.71/person/day

We will be on vacation until May23.  Food is provided.  No funds will be allocated until the end of May .

Saturday, April 22, 2023

2023 Linus and Such: January-March

 Operation Gratitude Scarves:  16

Pet Blankets:  5

Linus Blankets:  31


12 skeins    $11.43      $1/skein         Thrifty shopper

22 skeins    $20.33.    $0.95/skein     Thrifty shopper

12skeins      $11..23   $0.94/ skein.    Thrifty shopper

13 skeins    $26.         $2/skein.           Goodwill

4 skeins       $6            $1.50/skein      Goodwill

13 skeins     $12.40       $0.95/skein.    Michael's    (sale, coupon, gift card)

15 skeins      $25.51.     $1.70/skein      Thrifty shopper

19 skeins.     $22.67      $1.19/skein       Humane Society thrift store

Total s:

110 skeins.         $ 121.57          $1.11/skein

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

2023 Household and Personal Care: March

 Budget Amount:  $30 each/month


Personal Care:  $10.02 under

Household:  $47.42 over

Personal Care: 

 hair elastics.     $1.25   Dollar Tree

Mike haircut   $13    Great Clips

Deodorant (2).      $2.50.      Dollar Tree

Total:  16.75


DVD multiplayer   $30   Amazon

Silver polish     $8.    Amazon

Paper plates.     $2.50

Total:   $40.50


Household:  $57.92 over budget

Personal Care:  $23.27 under budget

Sunday, April 16, 2023

2023 Buying and Eating: April1-15

 Allocation:  $297  Then We are leaving on vacation, where food is provided

Cushion:  $519.93

YTD  90 days

Grocery  $350.33

Eating Out     $110.74

Total     $461.07      $5.76/day     $2.88/person/day

What We Ate:  moussaka, hummus, homemade flatbread, salad;    Sicilian chicken, rice, salad, asparagus with hollandaise;    meatless chicken fried steak, dauphinoise potatoes, mixed vegetables, garlic bread, cranberries;    vegetarian pizza and cheesy potatoes;      Meatless chicken pot pie, salad, garlic bread;    Asian peanut noodles, salad, fruit;   Tilapia with garlic and lemon, citrus spinach salad, dauphinoise potatoes, asparagus;    couscous with shrimp and peas and carrots, salad, rye bread with Swiss;    Lamb, baked sweet potato, spinach salad, asparagus;    Greek salad with lamb and Greek lemon potatoes;    Asian peanut noodles, yogurt and fruit;    Prime rib on the grill, Russian beet salad, baked potato;     Taco salad with cheese bread;    Ribs on the grill, asparagus, hasselback potatoes;    Bbq ribs, hasselback potatoes, asparagus, salad;     Pittsburgh style steak salad, everything bagels;      

What We Bought:

Sanders:  garlic bread, yogurt (2), rye bread, bananas   $4.58

Price Rite:  coffee (3), oil(gal), egg noodles, sugar (12#), flour (15#), tomatoes, bell peppers, garlic (1#), cottage cheese   $40.98

Aldi:  frozen green beans (2), red grapes (2#), sweet potatoes (3#)   $5.40

Tops:  bell peppers (6), bananas, asparagus, celery, $5.79

Wal-Mart:  eggs   $1.97

Bellos:  bacon  (15# case sale )     $45

Two Week Total:   $63.72       $4.25/day     $2.13/person/day

Eating Out:

Lunch with Joyce.    $14

Two Week Total:   $14.00.    $0.93/dah

Two Week Grand Total:  $77.72     $5.18/day        $2.59/person/day

Remaining Allocation:   $219.28

YTD    105 days

Grocery     $414.05

Eating Out     $124.74

Total     $538.79          $5.13/day          $2.57/ person/day

Friday, April 7, 2023

2023 Frugal Things in March

 1.  I used a gift card sent to me by Chewy when ordering cat food.  A savings of $20.

2.  While the oven was on at 250 to cook a corned beef, I used the heat to re-crisp cereal and pretzels and to make croutons.  

3.  I bought $28.03 worth of yarn.  I saved $8.40 because it was as on sale.  I used $18.87 that remained on a gift card.  My out of pocket cost was $0.66 for 49 ounces of yarn.  Good deal.

4.  I received a$5coupon for taking a survey.  I combined it with a30%off sale.  I ended up purchasing 42 ounces of yarn, regularly $23.94, for $11.74.  I saved $12.20!